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Mad Moon by Lisa D'Amour and Sam Craft

 The NOLA Project | World Premiere | Lusher Charter School (New Orleans, LA)

In this world-premiere synth-pop musical, Shakespearean plots are twisted and exploded by Pulitzer-nominated playwright Lisa D'Amour (Detroit, Airline Highway) into a lively, ridiculous, and heartwarming musical for tweens, teens, and parents about gender, orientation, identity, cell phones, growing up, art, Mother Earth, and our own human nature. 

  • Choreography: Jarrell Hamilton

  • Music Direction: Ronald Joseph

  • Stage Manager: Jacob Halpern Weitzman

  • Scenic Design: Ellen Bull ​

  • Sound Design: Matt Jackson

  • Lighting Design: Mandi Wood

  • Props & Projections Design: Owen Ever​​​

  • Cassie: Madeline Ascani

  • Landen: Benjamin Burstain

  • Rhode Island Girl & Moon: Maggie Cerrone

  • Jan: Emma Fagin

  • Zap: Dessalines Hayden

  • Olvioak: Eli Issakson

  • Amy: Kali Jupiter

  • Adam: Ian Kansas

  • Mr. Britt: Carson Koffler

  • Meredith: Alice McKay

  • Ms. Laurel: Ayme Melancon

  • Paddy: Arlo Mizell

  • Magnono: Caia Olden

  • Harrison: Kaden Oqueli-White

  • Tania Borealis & Ms. Hepburn: Elexis Simons

  • Mr. Guidry: Julianna Simons

  • Cy: S. Smith

  • Belatrix: Kristall Strumer

  • Mr. Gremillion: Zeger Vancraeynest

  • Jolie: McKenna Wikerson

  • Stage Manager & Mr. Chase: Aiden Young

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