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Playwrights Board a Minivan With a Mission to Redefine the South,” 2018

In Alabama State Parks, a Show About the Boys Who Built Them,” 2018


Backstage Magazine | New York, NY


175+ articles on organized labor, MeToo, Time’sUp, Covid-19, Diversity and Inclusion.



"Are School Drama Programs at Risk? Education Experts Weigh In," 2024

"SAG-AFTRA Has Made Self-Taping an Industry Norm; Here’s How to Embrace It," 2024

Actors are Striking. Theaters are Closing. How are Drama Schools Responding?" 2023

How the Pig Iron School Prepared This Professor for a Career in the Arts,” 2023

Broadway League Addresses Racism on Broadway + in its Ranks,” 2020

Industry Leaders—from Unions to Theaters—Consider How to Reopen in the U.S Safely,” 2020

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Reports From the Field: How Regional Theaters Are Responding to COVID-19,” 2020

Could This New ‘Bias-Detecting’ Software Solve Hollywood’s Diversity Problem?,” 2020

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SAG-AFTRA Announces Industry Protocols for Intimacy Directors,” 2020

Broadway’s 2018–19 Season Was Its Most Lucrative—But What Does That Mean?,” 2020

New Report From NYC Reveals Massive Economic Impacts of Small Theaters,” 2020

How California’s Gig-Based Bill Impacts Actors + Their Survival Jobs,” 2019

Yale’s Indigenous Theater Program Gets New Leader,” 2019

The Top 10 Play List in the U.S. Welcomes a New Demographic,” 2019

Did Hollywood’s #BoycottGeorgia Actually Work?,” 2019

Stats Prove Alarming Gap in Latinx Representation in Film,” 2019

Here’s How Broadway Fares on Gender Diversity in 2019,” 2019

How Principal Actors from ‘Hadestown,’ ‘Ain’t Too Proud,’ ‘Tootsie,’and ‘Oklahoma!’ Prepare for Showtime,” 2019

Is That Actor Real? The Lowdown on Deepfakes,” 2019 

The State of Entertainment Production in Anti-Abortion Bill States,” 2019

What L.A. and N.Y. Actors Should Know About Protecting Themselves at Work,” 2019

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How Technology is Influencing Theater-Making,” 2019

The Dawn of Female Playwrights Is Upon Us,” 2019

Has Diversity in Film and TV Improved? New Study Examines Hollywood’s 

Inclusion Efforts,” 2019

Is Broadway Experiencing a Renaissance?,” 2019

Off-Off Broadway’s Tony-Winning Success Story,” 2018

LGBTQ Film Representation Drops to Lowest Since 2012,” 2018

What This California Supreme Court Decision Could Mean for Your Side Gig,” 2018

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Humana Actors on Life in the American Regional Theater,” 2018 

Female-Driven Alternative to Rotten Tomatoes Announced,” 2018

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How to Find Financial Wellness as an Actor in 2018,” 2018

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How Theater is Inspiring Social Justice for the Next Generation,” 2018


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Raging with Love: An Interview with Artist + Activist Kathy Randels,” 2019



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"How to offset religious conservatives; activism, disruption?" 2023



Backstage Magazine | New York City, NY


8 College Courses That Will Expand The ‘Special Skills’ Section of Your Résumé,” 2021

8 Line-Memorization Apps Every Actor Should Know About,” 2020

Advice for Actors from Stage Managers,” 2018 

What 15 College Professors + Directors Want Actors To Know,” 2020

How to Have a Good Relationship With Your Director,” 2018

An Actor’s Guide to Using A Cell Phone in Rehearsal, Part I,” 2019

An Actor’s Guide to Using a Cell Phone in Rehearsal, Part II,” 2019

Your New Favorite Line-Learning Technique,” 2018 

Didn’t Get Into Your Top Choice School? 6 Ways to Move Forward,” 2018 

5 Tips for Finding the Right MFA Program,” 2018 

Is the BFA Worth the Debt?,” 2017 

“The Pros + Cons of Getting an Acting MFA” by Casey Mink, Quoted

Homegrown Theaters You Should Know: New Orleans’ Mondo Bizarro,” 2017 




Backstage Magazine


Acting Technique Series

The Definitive Guide to Uta Hagen’s Acting Technique,” 2019 

The Definitive Guide to the Meisner Technique,” 2019

The Definitive Guide to Stella Adler’s Acting Technique,” 2019

The Definitive Guide to Method Acting,” 2019

The Definitive Guide to the Stanislavsky Acting Technique,” 2019

13 Acting Techniques and What They Mean,” 2018



The Definitive Guide to Being a Casting Director,” 2019 


Union Series

Unions 101: Everything You Need to Know,” 2020

What to Expect When You’re Elected Equity Deputy,” 2020

How to Make the Most of Your Local Union Rep,” 2019

What Are the Actors’ Union Rules in Right-to-Work States?,” 2019

What Nonunion Actors Should Know About Union Strikes,” 2019

What Union Actors Should Know About Strikes,” 2019


Crew 101 Series

How to Become a Director of Photography,” 2020

How to Get Started in the Grip + Electric Crew,” 2020

What to Look for When Hiring a Production Crew,” 2020

8 of the Best Production Design Training Programs,” 2020

Chapman Teaches Production Design Students to Visualize and Actualize,” 2020

8 Top Film Programs for Aspiring Cinematographers,” 2020

For Cinematography Students, This North Carolina School is a Good Spot to Learn About Hollywood,” 2020

 “8 Top Costume Design Programs,” 2020

Why UCLA’s Costume Design Program is Unlike Any Other,” 2020




NYU Gallatin Summer Research Blog | New York University


What Does ‘Avant-Garde’ Even Mean? The Answer is Important to Understanding America,” 2021

The Trendy Sandal Time Machine,” 2021

In Praise of the Writing Spot,” 2021


ArtsEmerson Blog | Emerson College


Shakespearean Jazz: A Tale of Two Cities,” 2013

Collaborating with Shakespeare,” 2013

Meg Taintor on Directing, Whistler-Style,” 2012




Confluence | New York University


Mr. Adventure,” 2021

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