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Voices and Visions 

Funded by the David Mallery Fellowship at Westtown, a Quaker school, this simple podcast explores the intersection of creativity and Quakerism.

Episode 1: Ben Schenck is a clarinetist, bandleader, and Quaker. Alex visits Ben’s home in New Orleans and discusses how modern dance classes at Sandy Spring Friends School led Ben to a life of music. Music by Ben Schenck.

Episode 2: Todd Drake is a printmaker, graffiti artist, and Quaker. Alex visits Todd’s studio in New York City and discusses how Todd expresses his Quaker beliefs through posters on the street. Music by Todd Drake.

Episode 3: Jamila Burgos is a poet, student at Westtown School, and has grown up around Quakers all of her life. Alex walks around Westtown’s campus with Jamila and learns more about how Quakerism influences her poetry. Poetry by Jamila Burgos.

Produced by Alex Ates. Made possible by the David Mallery Fellowship.

Storytelling and Performance

A podcast produced by students in Westtown School's first Storytelling and Performance course. Inspired by The Moth, students performed true stories on the theme of "adventure" in a school-wide story slam.

Produced by Alex Ates. Music by Adam Salameh.

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