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Am I actually leveraging my birthday to become an annual public radio pledge event?


You know it! 

For my 32nd (June 15), I want friends to consider a donation to one or some of the public radio stations that have impacted by life: 


  1. WWOZ (New Orleans) [Festing in Place was a significant public health contribution during the Covid-19 shutdowns]

  2. WWNO (New Orleans) [Home of American Routes, my favorite show]

  3. WERS (Boston; Emerson College) [Home of Standing Room Only, which I hosted for a gaff-filled freshman year]

  4. Alabama Public Radio (Tuscaloosa; The University of Alabama) [Fantastic bluegrass show and local political coverage!]

  5. WERS (Philadelphia; University of Pennslyvania) [Free at Noon is revolutionary!]

Get in the spirit with some odes to the radio:

"Thanks for Listening" — Thile 

"Radio Ga Ga" — Queen

"Listen to the Radio" — Nanci Griffith [Also, a visceral ode to the Gulf South]


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